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5th Annual Bald-O-Ween Photo Contest



Save those costume photos folks…the 5th annual Bald-O-Ween  photo contest is here!  This year we’re keeping it really simple, 4 lucky winners (chosen by us) will receive $25 gift certificates.

Wanna join the fun? Here’s how to enter:

  • Post a photo of your best Halloween costume, make sure it shows off that smooth shaved head!
  • Photos can be posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or sent by email. Just be sure to follow us, tag us (@HeadBlade or #headblade) and include the hashtag #baldoween.
  • You can also email your submissions to, please use the subject line Bald-O-Ween Photo Contest.
  • Submissions must be posted by noon PST on Monday, November 3.

We’ll choose the winners and post the pictures on Monday, November 3rd. Gift certificates will be sent via email.  Have a fun & spooky weekend everyone!


The HeadBlade NFL Survivor Pool is On! Winner Gets $100 Gift Certificate.

Summer is just about over. Just when we’re about to slide into a classic case of Post-Summer-Depression (the struggle is REAL) we remember one thing – Football is about to start! That’s capital-F American Football, the one where they don’t use their feet all that much (you know, REAL football).

The start of football season also means it's time for the 4th Annual HeadBlade Survivor League Challenge! This game is as easy as it gets. All you gotta do is pick 1 winner each week with no point spreads. You can’t pick the same team twice, so choose wisely!  1st place will get $100 in store credit.  2nd and 3rd will receive $50 and $25, respectively.  Winners will be announced on our blog, facebook and twitter feeds so check back at the end of the season!
ONE entry per person. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

To join: 

  • CLICK HERE to join our group "HeadBladeSurvivorLeague" on ESPN.
  • Sign up for an ESPN account or sign in to your existing account.
  • The password is: headblade
  • The group creator should be “HeadBladeMac”. The group motto is “Keep It Clean”.

That's all you gotta do to get in on the HeadBlade Survivor Challenge action! Please make sure you are joining the correct group, we can't help you if you win the "HeadBlad Surf League" group challenge and think it's ours. Now just study up, make your pick each week and hope for the best. If you want to compare your picks to other HeadBlade employees, here we are: 

Mac – HeadBladeMac (duh)
Lee – SrirachaFTW
Jon – KimCheeMANA


Free Sample Packs With Every Order!

Free samples are great. Just ask the 2 grandmas wrestling over the last french bread pizza sample at Costco. They let you try new things without committing to a big purchase. 

Count us in! Every order on now comes with a free set of HeadShed, HeadSlick shave cream, HeadLube Glossy & HeadLube Matte samples (1 each). Now you can try a great selection of our pre-shave, shave and post-shave headcare products for free!

Here's a quick rundown of the products:

HeadShed – Pre-shave exfoliating scrub. Put a little in your hand and gently scrub your scalp before shaving. Rinse well, apply shaving cream, and shave as usual.  HeadShed has little bits of ground up walnut shells that help remove dead skin flakes from your scalp and soften your hair for shaving. You'll notice the razor glides right through your hair after using HeadShed.

HeadSlick – Mentholated shave cream. Apply a little in your hand and rub over your scalp. A little goes a long way! A dime to nickel-sized amount should be plenty. Shave as normal and rinse well. Feel the cool menthol tingle…refreshing! 

HeadLube Matte – Post-shave moisturizer. After shaving, dry your scalp with a towel. Apply HeadLube and rub into scalp. HeadLube will moisturize without leaving your head shiny!

HeadLube Glossy – Post-shave moisturizer. HeadLube Glossy is for the guys that like to shine, leaves your scalp nice and shiny. Bling!

We hope you enjoy working these products into your daily headcare routine. Let us know what you think! 

Todd Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Our President/CEO Todd Greene sucked it up today for charity and took the Ice Bucket Challenge. In celebration we made donations to our favorite charities, the Arthritis Foundation, the St. Baldrick's Foundation and the ALS Association. If you are so inclined, we challenge you to support a charity that is special to you! Money, time and just spreading the word are all great. Every little bit helps! 


Video of the Day – Mike Richman Prepares for Bellator 120

Today’s video of the day comes to us from Team HeadBlade’s very own Mike “The Marine” Richman. Mike may like to rock hair and a beard during training, but he always shaves down when it’s fight week. Mike decided to make a little Instagram video showing his transformation…what a difference!  Mike’s a true HeadBlader, as he was sure to use HeadShed first, then went to work with HeadSlick and the HeadBlade ATX.

Mike is fighting Goiti Yamauchi this Saturday in Bellator 120, live and free on Spike TV. Best of luck Mike!

Follow Mike on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



HeadBlade Letter of the Month – April 2014

April's letter of the month comes from Michael A.

I'm a Canadian living in Taipei, Taiwan. I heard about your product around Christmas when I was watching Inside MMA and Bas Rutten recommended the Headblade. I finally got around to ordering it for myself. I've ordered a lot of things online from North America recently as it's hard to find clothes etc. to fit me properly over here. I was very, very impressed and happy with how fast I received my order from I'm extremely satisfied with the products I ordered (the ATX and the Head Slick shave cream)! Great products and great quality! I will be a customer for life! Has made my shaving easy and enjoyable, Thank you Headblade Team!

-Michael A.

Thank you Michael! Whether it's "HeadBlade is the best thing since sliced coconuts" or "This thing couldn't shave a lemon", we value your feedback. HeadBladers around the world send us stories, product reviews, pictures and more…we value them all! If you want to send us your feedback, send us a message from our support page. We read and respond to every message, so let us hear your thoughts.

See also: HeadBlade Pic of the Month – April 2014


HeadBlade Pic of the Month – April 2014

Our Pic of the Month is back! Each month we will feature a HeadBlader-submitted picture that we find inspirational, funny, or just plain cool. 

This month's pic comes from Instagram user sprayben.  Sunrise in Ban Tham Lod, northwest Thailand.  Follow him for incredible pictures from Thailand, southeast Asia and beyond.  

Have a picture you want to share with the HeadBlade community? Send it to us!  If your picture is chosen we'll send you a $15 gift certificate. 


Join the HeadBlade 2014 NCAA Tournament Challenge!

It's mid-March, which means it's time for the HeadBlade 2014 NCAA Tournament Challenge! Join our pool and compete against other HeadBladers for the best bracket. It's easy, fun, and most importantly costs you as much as that air you're breathing …which is to say completely free (unless you are somehow using a computer while scuba diving…in which case bully for you)! 

Best bracket gets a $100 gift certificate to, 2nd and 3rd will receive $50 and $30 certificates, respectively.  In the case of a tie the prize is split between the winners.  To join us:

  1. Head over to the HeadBlade group on ESPN
  2. Sign in/create an ESPN account
  3. Join our group! 
    League Name: HeadBladeNCAA2014
    Password: ATX
  4. Fill out your Bracket
  5. Enjoy the games & win head shaving gear from HeadBlade! 

Good luck! Please monitor your bracket and contact us if you're a winner (website, Facebook, Twitter).  One bracket per person.  


Bald-O-Ween Contest Winner!

Congrats to Nelson from Belmont, CA on winning our 4th annual Bald-O-Ween costume photo contest!  Nelson is seen here with a bald head (of course), a minion and ray gun as Gru from "Despicable Me".  

Thanks to everyone who sent in a picture and/or voted! See you next year.  


Football Season Means Bacon. And Survivor League Madness!

Football season is almost upon us, and that means bacon, beers and friendship (recipe for Mac's bacon wrapped Jalapenos below).  It also means it's time for the 3rd Annual HeadBlade Survivor League Challenge! This is one of the easiest challenges we have, all you have to do is pick one winner each week, straight up.  Once you pick a team they are off limits for the rest of the season. Choose wisely!  1st place will get $100 in store credit.  2nd and 3rd will receive $50 and $25, respectively.  

ONE entry per person. Duplicates will be deleted. 

To Play: 
1. Go to the ESPN Eliminator Page
2. Click on the red "Get Started" button and sign up or sign in to ESPN
3. Click "Create or Join a Group". Our group is called "HeadBladeSurvivorLeague"
4. The password for the group is: headblade

That's it!  Don't forget to make your pick each week.  Now to the bacon!  Make these, you won't be disappointed.  This is our Operations Manager Mac's personal recipe, and was featured in Tony Caputo's "NO! I'm Watching Football: The Gridiron Grub Cookbook"

Mac's Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers

30 Jalapeno peppers
5 packages cream cheese, softened
2 packs basil, chopped
2 heads garlic, chopped
30 strips bacon

With a knife, slice the peppers below the cap down the middle, lengthwise. Remove seeds (wear gloves for this…believe us.)

Mix together cream cheese, basil and garlic.

Fill peppers with mixture (again, gloves!). Wrap one strip of bacon around each pepper and secure with toothpick. 

Grill or broil for about 40 minutes.  

Enjoy your handiwork. Delicious!