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Product Feature: HeadShed (Real Men Use Exfoliator)

Did you know that you shed 30-40 thousand skin cells an hour? That's right, folks. You're dropping almost a million little skin cells every day.  Over the course of a year you shed around 8 pounds of skin. We find this to be equal parts gross and fascinating. 8 pounds? I'm not even mad. That's amazing.

This is where HeadShed exfoliator (the fancy man's word for scrub) comes in. HeadShed has all kinds of good stuff in it like Shea Butter, Grape Seed Powder and Beeswax. The exfoliation comes from ground up Walnut shells, which feel like a fine sand on your head. This is much gentler on your head than most other exfoliators and doesn't pollute the environment like products that use plastic microbeads.  

When used before shaving, HeadShed does a couple great things. First, it helps get rid of all those dead skin cells which leaves your skin looking fresh and feeling soft. HeadShed also softens your hair, you'll notice the blade glides through the hair easier when shaving. Like butta! Shed also smells nice, like a fresh oatmeal cookie.

So, how do you use Shed? Pour a little into your hand (a quarter-sized amount should be plenty) and gently scrub your head and face. Rinse well, then shave with your normal routine. That's it. Enjoy the new you! 

For the next week we are discounting HeadShed $1, just $7.97 for a big 5oz bottle. We hope you'll give it a try and work it into your shaving routine!  


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15% Off All Labor Day Weekend!

As far as we're concerned it's still summer. We're going to spend this Labor Day weekend doing the summer-iest things we can think of…BBQs, a few brews, and a HeadBlade store sale of course! 

All weekend save 15% on any order from our site with Promo code LABORDAY. This is good on razors, blades, apparel, you name it! Offer is good through Monday, September 1st. Not valid on blade Power Packs or Clearance items.

How to get the discount: 

1. Put items you want to buy in the shopping cart and click the Checkout Now button.

2. Enter your name and address information, click Continue.

3. Click the Promo Codes & Gift Certificates header to expand it. 

4. Enter LABORDAY in the Promo Code field and click Redeem.

5. Success! Click Continue and finish your purchase. Now lay back and enjoy the savings. 


The HeadBlade NFL Survivor Pool is On! Winner Gets $100 Gift Certificate.

Summer is just about over. Just when we’re about to slide into a classic case of Post-Summer-Depression (the struggle is REAL) we remember one thing – Football is about to start! That’s capital-F American Football, the one where they don’t use their feet all that much (you know, REAL football).

The start of football season also means it's time for the 4th Annual HeadBlade Survivor League Challenge! This game is as easy as it gets. All you gotta do is pick 1 winner each week with no point spreads. You can’t pick the same team twice, so choose wisely!  1st place will get $100 in HeadBlade.com store credit.  2nd and 3rd will receive $50 and $25, respectively.  Winners will be announced on our blog, facebook and twitter feeds so check back at the end of the season!
ONE entry per person. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

To join: 

  • CLICK HERE to join our group "HeadBladeSurvivorLeague" on ESPN.
  • Sign up for an ESPN account or sign in to your existing account.
  • The password is: headblade
  • The group creator should be “HeadBladeMac”. The group motto is “Keep It Clean”.

That's all you gotta do to get in on the HeadBlade Survivor Challenge action! Please make sure you are joining the correct group, we can't help you if you win the "HeadBlad Surf League" group challenge and think it's ours. Now just study up, make your pick each week and hope for the best. If you want to compare your picks to other HeadBlade employees, here we are: 

Mac – HeadBladeMac (duh)
Lee – SrirachaFTW
Jon – KimCheeMANA


Free Sample Packs With Every Order!

Free samples are great. Just ask the 2 grandmas wrestling over the last french bread pizza sample at Costco. They let you try new things without committing to a big purchase. 

Count us in! Every order on HeadBlade.com now comes with a free set of HeadShed, HeadSlick shave cream, HeadLube Glossy & HeadLube Matte samples (1 each). Now you can try a great selection of our pre-shave, shave and post-shave headcare products for free!

Here's a quick rundown of the products:

HeadShed – Pre-shave exfoliating scrub. Put a little in your hand and gently scrub your scalp before shaving. Rinse well, apply shaving cream, and shave as usual.  HeadShed has little bits of ground up walnut shells that help remove dead skin flakes from your scalp and soften your hair for shaving. You'll notice the razor glides right through your hair after using HeadShed.

HeadSlick – Mentholated shave cream. Apply a little in your hand and rub over your scalp. A little goes a long way! A dime to nickel-sized amount should be plenty. Shave as normal and rinse well. Feel the cool menthol tingle…refreshing! 

HeadLube Matte – Post-shave moisturizer. After shaving, dry your scalp with a towel. Apply HeadLube and rub into scalp. HeadLube will moisturize without leaving your head shiny!

HeadLube Glossy – Post-shave moisturizer. HeadLube Glossy is for the guys that like to shine, leaves your scalp nice and shiny. Bling!

We hope you enjoy working these products into your daily headcare routine. Let us know what you think! 

Todd Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Our President/CEO Todd Greene sucked it up today for charity and took the Ice Bucket Challenge. In celebration we made donations to our favorite charities, the Arthritis Foundation, the St. Baldrick's Foundation and the ALS Association. If you are so inclined, we challenge you to support a charity that is special to you! Money, time and just spreading the word are all great. Every little bit helps! 


ATX Review: Chubstr

A great ATX review by Kenneth Fish of Chubstr.com:

Reinventing the wheel is just not going to happen. Reinventing the razor by adding a couple wheels is something I have seen, but not until now have I had the opportunity to give one a try. The HeadBlade ATX is being touted as an “all terrain” razor, but for this review the only non-facial “terrain” service it’s been a part of has been atop my big shiny dome.

The combination of a HeadBlade HB4 four blade cartridge and a little squirt of their HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream and you are off on an all-terrain adventure that’ll leave you feeling cool and smooth. [...] The HeadBlade system works as advertised and provides a quick, close shave time after time.

Thanks Kenneth! Check out the full ATX review on Chubstr.com.


Product Feature: HeadWash

A few days ago we asked our Facebook faithful what they liked best about our HeadWash product, and got some great answers:

"I use it as a pre-shave on my head and face. Also, sometimes as a body wash. Smells great too!" – Vince C.

"It's my only 'shampoo' seeing that I never have any hair!" – Ben S.

"Makes for a great beard wash! Doesn't leave it all fluffy like a shampoo would." – Shannon C.

"Why did I not know this product exists?!" – Jeremy A.

Yikes! We're here to remedy that, Jeremy.

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HeadBlade MMA: RFA 16 on AXS TV

MMA fans – we are super-uber-hella-mega excited to once again sponsor the upcoming RFA 16¬†event this Friday, July 25th from Colorado! HeadBlade sponsored RFA 15 back in June when the event was in our ‘hood of Culver City, California. We got to go check out the fights and were treated to a fantastic night of fights…this event promises to be just as exciting!

After the last event, 2 of the big winners (James “Moonwalker” Moontasri and Kevin Casey from Black House MMA) were immediately signed by the UFC. Tune in and watch the future of MMA battle it out!

RFA 16 will be broadcast live on AXS TV on Friday, July 25th at 10PM ET.

Photo credit to Mike Lee & RFA.


ATX Review: The Loadout Room

Since the beginning of HeadBlade, some of our greatest supporters have been members of the military/armed forces.  We were of course very excited when the guys over at guns & gear site The Loadout Room wanted to do a review of the HeadBlade ATX!

Almost all soldiers have to shave every morning before getting to work. There is also quite a few who shave their heads with a typical Mach 3 or Fusion blade once in a while. Well gents, this is for you!

HeadBlade has designed a razor that will get your manhood through the roof! In fact, the new HeadBlade ATX looks like an ATV – isn’t that cool? It’s priced at $15 for the ATX and $12 for four HB4 Refill Blades. It is in the same price range as the others razors, but this one will make you feel like you are 6 and you are playing with your toys again! Though this time, your wife will agree!

Head over to The Loadout Room for the full review.


Free Can Coozies & Grocery Bags For All Orders Over $25 This Weekend!

It's Independence Day weekend here in the good ol' U.S. of A and we think it's time to celebrate! All orders over $25 will get 2 bonus gifts…a HeadBlade can coozie and a reusable roll-up grocery bag!  No coupon codes required, just make sure your basket is over $25 before shipping (and after any discounts) and we'll take care of the rest. 

This offer is only good until 11:59PM on Tuesday, July 8th so get your orders in right now! 

This is Erik, showing off the guns, his HeadBlade bucket hat and HeadBlade coozie filled with his favorite frosty beverage.

Erik knows how important it is to stay hydrated in the summer heat. Now you can be like Erik with your very own coozie…FREE with any purchase over $25!

The days of plastic grocery bags are numbered. In our hometown of Los Angeles (and many other cities across the country), plastic grocery bags are no longer available…bring our own or pay 10 cents for a paper bag. No more!  This HeadBlade roll-up grocery bag is great to keep in your glove compartment or day bag in the event of an emergency grocery run.  Yours free with any purchase over $25 this weekend!