Thanks To My Wife, I'm Slick.

I was born with ugly hair. I mean hair that should have been on a dead animal somewhere. Then the receding hairline came into play.Damn. feeling good about myself now. Then I met and fell in love with a hair dresser!!! Life getting better. Married the girl. Been with her for 31 years. Guess what? She could not help my Weird Al looking hair. After years of perms, conditioners, henna treatments,(Don't really know what they where supposed to do, but they didn't work either.) Different style of hair cuts, my supportive hairdresser wife says to me. And I quote." Please shave your head, I'm out of options here. So with that being said, I took out my trusty BIC razor and attempted to shave my head. Not too bad, minimal blood lose, minimal scarring!! I knew there had to be a better way. I googled headshaving. and I came across HeadBlade. I ran to Walgreens and purchased a Headblade Sport and Headslick. HeadBlade made it so easy to shave my head, I've been doing it for 3 years now. Thanks to HeadBlade, my confidence is back, my wife can rest her scissors.There's no way even if I could, would I grow my hair back. HeadBlade Rocks. P.S. I've converted several of my buddies that had hair into shaving!!!

Name: Bill Brumleve
City: Pooler
State: Georgia
Country: United States

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