Shark Week - S4 Shark Sale, Free Hat & Dude Wipes!

It's Shark Week, that glorious time in the middle of summer when the Discovery Channel scares the living crap out of the public with tales of flying Great Whites, cameraman close-calls and of course zombie sharks.  

To pay tribute to these great majestic man-eaters we've put our stainless steel, super-luxurious S4 Shark Razor on sale! Our S4 Shark plays nice and is guaranteed to give you a smooth, nick-free shave. If you like our HeadBlade ATX you will absolutely LOVE the S4 Shark! 

If Shark Week has scared the crap out of you, the dudes at Dude Wipes have your butt covered. These individually wrapped, flushable, pre-moistened wipes are amazing for cleaning up your dude regions after wiping with regular toilet paper. Every S4 Shark sold this week comes with a FREE 3-pack, compliments of Dude Wipes! 

Sharknado? We say Shavenado! 

The ultimate head shaving kit is on sale for $89.99.  Regularly priced at $108, the S4 Shark Kit kit comes with the S4 Shark razor, 5oz HeadSlick Shave Cream and 1 pack of HB6 refill blades.

We're also including a FREE distressed hat ($12.99 value) with every S4 Shark Kit sold this week! 

Every S4 Shark purchase this week comes with a complimentary 3-pack of Dude Wipes.  

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